Hair Care
Hair Care

Shampooing TRAITANT VIP O2

Gives more volume for fine hair and oxygenates the scalp. This shampoo is good for stressed, thinning hair, urban life.

  • Gently washes your hair.
  • Rebalances the scalp.
  • Protects from pollution.
  • Gives the hair volume.
  • Makes hair soft and shiny, easy to style.

Rebalancing and soothing active ingredients: Wild Pansy and Yeast Extracts, Polysaccharide.
Reconditioning treatment active ingredients: Silk Hydrolysate, Cider Vinegar, Milk Thistle Extract.
Soft cleansing active ingredients: Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids, Caprylyl/ Capryl Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside.

Apply a dab of Shampooing Traitant Dermo-Apaisant to wet hair. Lather and gently massage from roots to lengths. Rinse with tepid water. Repeat if necessary.
Non irritant both to the eyes and to the skin, and boasting a 0 irritation test score (most shampoos rating between 4 and 5), this shampoo is perfect for gentle, daily washing of hair.

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